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The Great Spirit – Wakan Tanka
   The first time I can recall someone mentioning “the spirit”, was my sensei. He did not speak English very well so, in trying to get his students to focus when doing exercises in the dojo, he would always say: “With Spirit! Do it with Spirit!” I can still hear his voice … I think that there are many ways in which one can become aware of their Spirit and with that, also become aware of the Great Spirit as well.
  I do think that we are all but a small part of Wakan Tanka. I was able to find Its presence easiest through magic. And in my case there were books and people who have helped me considerably. Thus, here I would like to post some material which perhaps can help others become aware of the Great Spirit. It is an honor.




   “The Warrior of the Light” by Paul Coelho

   I recommend this book for those who feel the Warrior Spirit within themselves. This is not a book for everyone although, anyone can read it. I tried reading it about nine years ago and I could not finish it. The Warrior Spirit was still very weak within me. When I picked-up the book last year, it was as if I had molded to the words or the words to me: everything fit perfectly. I loved this book and I think it can help in many ways in awakening the spirit and bringing one closer to Wakan Tanka. In my opinion there is no better guiding-book for those who are on the good road.





  “Practical Solitary Magic” by Nancy B. Watson 

   This is definitely a great beginning for anyone who is interested in becoming aware of their Spirit and of the Great Spirit itself. I have learned much from this book: on how to become aware of your own energy, how to become aware of elementals and the meaning of leaving offerings. The book taught me many things but most importantly, it has taught me that there is an endless amount of information which I was not aware of. This is a fabulous text, written in an engaging and flowing style. Many thanks to Nancy for the work put-out! Cheers.




“The Teachings of Don Juan” – I personally found the first book a little too meticulous in the explanations given about herbs, their use and the ritual of gathering them. As a beginning for a series of books, it might be a little heavy for the average reader. Nonetheless, this book is just marvelous. It begins to break-down one’s system of beliefs, to question one’s reality and understanding of what Life is. I recommend this book for anyone interested in opening-up another door of perception. The Great Spirit is always there – it is us who have walked away.





“A Separate Reality” – There is indeed a separate reality which many of us ignore or we simply do not know how to perceive. Don Juan is a masterful teacher though and your world will keep shifting and switching itself as you read this text. Slowly but surely “a separate reality” will begin to emerge as one proceeds with the reading. There is no turning back from here on.


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