Welcome to the world of Spirit-Whispers. My name is Xavier Nathan  and I have created a website to share space with people with a common goal of healing and raising spiritual awareness in the world.


 I respect and trust  each person I share space with on this site as they exemplify all the qualities I respect and admire in a human being.  We have come together as team to write from our hearts based on our own experience and perspective to describe our own spiritual paths to date. The books we recommend are  designed to provoke the reader to question accepted belief systems in areas that challenge conventional thinking and perhaps even evoke emotive reaction by authors of international standing, and much more. Some of the people I share this site with have written their own books and like me have also created products to further the cause of spiritual awareness.


 I also write under the name Spirit Whisperer in HubPages. I am an experienced professional in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and with  knowledge I have acquired over the years I will strive to provide you with what I consider the most useful books and media in the areas related to my areas of expertise and interest. I am also a Mathematician and Physicist and have spent many years teaching these subjects to high school students as well as working with children with emotional and behavioural problems and learning difficulties. I am no longer a full-time teacher but I still work part-time at the local high school here in Peel for two hours every morning with the children who struggle the most. It is for this reason that I will also be suggesting titles for teachers and parents and writing about my experiences.


The  main purpose of this website is to collect in one place writing by people devoted to healing. The healing I refer to here is the healing of the mind so that we help each other to wake up from the dream we believe to be real. We will each also recommend only those books  and other  media related to matters of Body, Mind & Spirit which we ourselves have found useful. To help me achieve this goal I have enlisted the help of a number of writers I hold in very high regard and each one shares a space on our website for the purpose of higher learning to uplift mind, body and spirit. Should you purchase any books through the links we provide we may sometimes receive a commission but this depends on the vendor but does not in any way alter the price you would normally pay anyway. Where we can we will endeavour to  provide the link to the most economical option.


By collecting these products and witings in one place we are creating a space where people can share a common goal. Where any two or more people have come together to seek the goal of healing God will be present. My dream is to provide people with access to the relevant information that they can really trust in order to make informed decisions with regard to their own mental, emotional and spiritual development.


I and my partners will only recommend books and media that we ourselves have read/used. Some of the products we recommend will be products we have  created ourselves and which we can affirm have worked for us and those we recommended them for e.g. the hypnotherapy audio products that you can download are used with my own clients at my Private Hypno-Psychotherapy Clinic,  Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, in the Isle of Man. 


Each of the writers who contribute to this website have their own tab and have introduced themselves separately.


I hope you enjoy the experience that we have come together to create for you here. To read more about my inspiration for this website please click the following link:  Giving of Yourself


Following is a video about how a 13 year old girl from the Attawapiskat First Nation who decided to collect people to her cause for the forgotten children in Canada. When I see what a difference a even a child can make I realise that it is indeed true that wen we join together for the common purpose healing God is present and that is why we cannot fail. It was my friend and writer Johannes  on this website who brought this inspirational video to my attention.

Shannen's Dream



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