johannes di silentio


   My birth-given name is Andrei Neacsu. I have many other labels/nicknames. Johannes di Silentio means John the Silent One. It has many meanings for me and I have used it as an alias for my writings for a long time. If you happen to contact me through my email , that is the name that will be shown.

  At the moment, I live in Toronto, Canada but I have a dual citizenship: Romanian/Canadian. I was born and raised in Romania and my core values and morals are deeply rooted in my ancestry. Speaking of ancestry, I am a descendant of the Dacian people. I value their knowledge and beliefs and I hold their deeds in honor. I am Dacian in Spirit.

 I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by Mr. Xavier Nathan, to write on a variety of topics on this website. I think that sharing information is beneficial in general and this website is designed to do just that. I am also thankful and humbled to be writing alongside very experienced people who are knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics.    

Besides promoting books, I intend to write on spirituality and history: on things I know and things I learn about. Nothing is really off-limits with me though. I am on a constant search for what I like to call “ancient wisdom”. I consider myself lucky to be living in North America, amongst many Native American tribes who hold much of such knowledge. The search continues.