"How to live happily?"


 "Sri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a Mystic, Yogi and Guru. He founded the
Isha Foundation and he can be found all over net giving lectures,
guiding meditation groups and discussing any kind of questions which
people may come up with. In the clip I have shared he talks about
living happily, a topic which most people should be familiar with, in
my opinion.

Sadhguru's way of explaining things is down to earth and easy to
understand for anyone. Also, he tends to keep the conversations fairly
short and to the point - something which I usually appreciate."



 "Yogis of Tibet"


 "This is indeed a very rare documentary because it has interviews with
  several different Yogis - something which has not been done previously
  because much of the knowledge which the Yogis held, was viewed as
  something to be kept as secrets. In this documentary some of these
  secrets are revealed and discussed. For anyone searching for
  knowledge, doing research, or on the road to enlightenment, this
  documentary is like a breath of fresh air.

The documentary does not focus much on Tibet, monasteries or even the
Dalai Lama (who actually is part of this documentary as well) but more
specifically on Yogis and their lives. It is a significant insight, in
my opinion."



Native American Apache Shamanism:

The Ranger Prayer by David Lakota




I am not sure how I found this video-clip. I can only thank the Great Spirit for bringing it to my attention. There are no coincidences in my Life. Since I am not an Apache Native, I thought I would ask the opinion of one (an Apache Native) regarding this prayer. These are the words of a friend of mine, the White Buffalo - may Wakan Tanka always guide his steps:

"Yes that is one of the most powerful prayers made by us, it is also know as the creation prayer and probably a few other names by different tribes. David Lakota was the givers name in this one. This is a prayer cycle to the 6 directions and though many of the words are not to be changed it can be said with some changes to fit the need of the individual praying. This I know from the time I spent with real Indians who still believe in tradition. Sometimes these prayers that strike our hearts like this one did for you is not due to lack of anything it's already within you and that's what makes you feel it."

    May Wakan Tanka guide your path as well, Mr. Spirit Whisperer (as it has done until now).

          The White Wolf


“See Yourself, See Source”



   I found this video helpful in order to switch perspectives. It did help me to view things with more clarity. I think that if one can keep-up with his words and understand every single one of them, one can easier see their existence. For me, I found that my metaphysical philosophy background helped greatly. One needs to lose all previous knowledge in order to see past the three dimensional perspective which we are so used to.
   Story Waters does a great job I think, in order to present people with another view on Life.



“Extraordinary People – Iceman”



This is a video which I saw many years ago but I think it dispels any idea of normality which one may hold. There is nothing normal in this world. Everything is unique, as everything is created by individuals. We can create and do whatever we will to do.
  Wim Hof shows everyone in this video that we as humans have much more to ourselves than we might think. There are hidden powers within ourselves, which we can explore but we need dedication and much work. Anything is possible though – I truly believe in that!



“Magic of the Ages”


This website is owned and made available by a fellow Romainan/Dacian lady. Her name is Ziua (Day) and I cannot be thankful enough for the work that she has done in maintaining the website and sharing her knowledge with others. She explains the workings of magic quite well, in my opinion.

   I also found her to be very helpful in answering my emails and all sorts of questions I have had. Magic is very real for me; it has been part of my family and ancestry. Ziua can certainly help others in opening different doors of perception. Magic is not for everyone but for those who wish to learn more about it: there is a door here; all you have to do is enter. Door to the Temple of Priestess Ziua



"Energy Manipulation by Priestess Day"


  This video was sent to me by Priestess Day. It is a short exercise on energy manipulation. There are other such exercises on her website which I personally found helpful. I do have to remind people that if exercises as the one posted here, do not work as wished at the first try, do remember that persistence and dedication is usually necessary in any endeavor. All the best! 


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