You Can Heal Your Life

Louise L Hay makes use of repitition as an important learning mechanism to change our negative limiting beliefs. She teaches how it is possible to counter an negative belief by repeating affirmations to replace it with a belief that will attract what we want.


Our beliefs attract to us the people and experiences to support what we believe. So if you believe that you are a failure then that is exactly what you will experience over and over again. By the same token if you believe that you are successful then that will be your life experience. It is not possible to change a belief without some effort on your part and Louise L Hay suggests that the effort required in repeating affirmations regularly will achieve the changes we desire.


The book "You Can Heal Your Life" gives a list of  all the major illnesses that can affect people along with the negative belief that created the ilness and she also provides the affirmations to cure the illness. 


The book and its methods provides further evidence for how all illness emanates from the mind; the mind commands and the body obeys.


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Outer Body Experiences

This hub describes an out of body experience I had when I lived in Japan. It was an unforgettable experience that had a huge impact on how I see myself and the world today. One minute I was lying down relaxing and the next minute I was floating above my body lokking down from the ceiling. 


I also talk about the study carried out by Raymond Moody MD about countless patients all over America who were deemed clinically dead and then subsequently revived. He published the book Life After Life in 1975 about these near death experiences which changed my views about life after death. The experiences described by these people in his book support the idea that we are not our bodies and when we die we leave our bodies the way you would discard an old coat.


When I was young I was told that when you died you went to heaven or hell or in some cases a place called limbo. Where you ended up depended on the kind of life you led. I no longer hold this belief  but it took a lifetime for me to formulate the beliefs I now hold today. The out of body experience in Japan and Raymond Moody's book played a big part in changing my views but it didn't stop there. I have had many more experiences since then and each one has played its role in moulding the ideas I hold today.  

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I Carries Me


I wrote this poem to express my thoughts and feelings about the cycle of death and re-birth that most of us here on earth find ourselves trapped in. It is as if we are pulled in opposite directions one minute a slave to one part of the mind and the next to another part. It is as if we are continuously being given the same experiences until we choose correctly.


The ego needs us to keep judging ourselves and others in order to preserve itself. With each lifetime we make progress and the part of us that waits patiently for us to make the right choices quietly observes without making any judgement.


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Hearts and Minds on Fire with Enthusiasm


This hub is based on my own early teaching experience mixed with what I learned as a teacher over the years. In the early days I was passionate about my subject and I was hooked on the idea that education was the transeference of knowledge from my head to the head of each student before me. I mastered all the methods to make this transference of knowledge so smooth it felt like I was simply opening their heads and pouring the knowledge in. As the years went by I realised that this was not true education and that education was much more than just preparing children for exams and to make a living. I realised that children were going through school without ever learning human values. 


It was only when I used my subject to teach children human values that my teaching became meaningful and the children began to regain that sparkle in their eyes that showed me that they were awake.


Education today is designed to put children to sleep and though they start school at age five enthusiastically enough that doesn't last. By the time they reach High School the enthusiasm has been replaced with an acceptance the way someone accepts a jail sentence. Not all of them accept the sentence and they pay the price by being excluded from mainstream education and labelled badly behaved or lacking in intelligence.


A very important tool for both child and adult alike is the ability to meditate and in this hub I explain its benefits and how it can be used to improve concentration, self awareness and inner balance. I have found that by starting each lesson with three minutes meditation the lesson always went smoothly and the children were always calmer and more focussed.

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